International Convention Center - New Baneshwor, Nepal : A symbol of friendship between Nepalese and Chinese people.
Government of Nepal
Ministry of Urban Development

International Convention Centre Development Committee


ICC occupies total area of 7.37 hectares with a construction space of 12,573 sq. m. Designed to bear an earthquake up to 9 magnitudes in Richter scale ICC has one main building and several supporting constructions. The main building comprises Auditorium in the middle; medium sized Hall, small meeting rooms and VIP Chamber in the east; and Multi- Functions Hall in the west. The main building is flanked by the parking lot of more than 400 vehicles. The affiliated constructions include substation, freezing plant, boiler house, underground fuel depot, water treatment plant, water storage reservoir, pump house, overhead water tank, guardhouse and toilets. Multipurpose shed is situated in the north side of ICC and a big business complex is located at the northwest corner of ICC where international type of restaurant, a bank, a departmental store and a medical clinic are in operation.