International Convention Center - New Baneshwor, Nepal : A symbol of friendship between Nepalese and Chinese people.
Government of Nepal
Ministry of Urban Development

International Convention Centre Development Committee

ICC halls

ICC is the best equipped venue in Nepal with its 1004 seats Main Conference Hall (including Gallery) named “Sagarmatha”, 250 seat medium sized assembly Hall named “Nuptse”, four smaller meeting rooms named “Gauri”, “Shanker”, “Koshi” and “Gandaki” respectively suitable for 100 and 50 delegates. A 480 sq. m. multifunction hall named “Lohtse” and a grand Exhibition hall named “Kailash” with 308 sq. m. floor area.

Sagarmatha Hall

The Auditorium with 1201 square meters of floor area and 484 square meters of stage area holds 1004 seats. In the front there are 360 seats for representatives and in the back there are 166 seats for observers: 478 seats in the gallery are for journalists and publics. This Sagarmatha hall is mainly served for international conferences, theatrical performance and movies. It is equipped with simultaneous interpretation system in 6 languages. The Auditorium is flanked with lounges and other facilities such as bank, post office, bar, small shop and phone booth

Lohtse Hall

With an area of 480 square meters the Multi- Functions Hall (Lohtse) can be served for medium sized International Conference, Banquet, Exhibition, theatrical performance and dance party. It also provides 450 seats in the chair arrangement. It is equipped with interpretation system in 6 languages.

Nuptse, Gauri, Shanker, Koshi, Gandaki and Kailash

The medium sized hall (Nuptse) is specialized in medium sized conference with 250 fixed sets of table and chair. Designed to suit more intimate conference or seminars ICC has two 100 seated halls (Gauri and Shanker) and two 50 seated halls (Koshi and Gandaki), the floor area being …and … sq.m respectively. Both rooms can be separated in half by movable partitions. All these rooms are installed with movable tables and chairs.

Exhibition Hall

On the second floor is the exhibition hall with an area of 308 sq. m. for all kinds of exhibition purposes.