International Convention Center - New Baneshwor, Nepal : A symbol of friendship between Nepalese and Chinese people.
Government of Nepal
Ministry of Urban Development

International Convention Centre Development Committee


Located at New Baneswor, Kathmandu, ICC stands by the main 14 m wide highway in the south, and is close to the International Airport in the east, and near the Everest Hotel in the west. There are three entrances on the surrounding compound of ICC. The main gate is in the south and is controlled automatically. The two gates in the west side, one is for the use of the logistic personnel and transportation vehicles in and out and other is mainly for the use of Business Complex of the ICC.

ICC occupies total area of 7.37 hectares with a construction space of 12,573 sq. m. Designed to bear an earthquake up to 9 magnitudes in Richter scale ICC has one main building and several supporting constructions. The main building comprises Auditorium in the middle; medium sized Hall, small meeting rooms and VIP Chamber in the east; and Multi- Functions Hall in the west. The main building is flanked by the parking lot of more than 400 vehicles. The affiliated constructions include substation, freezing plant, boiler house, underground fuel depot, water treatment plant, water storage reservoir, pump house, overhead water tank, guardhouse and toilets. Multipurpose shed is situated in the north side of ICC and a big business complex is located at the northwest corner of ICC where international type of restaurant, a bank, a departmental store and a medical clinic are in operation.

The ICC Entrance Hall is 30m wide, 18m long and 10m high. From its right, goes to the medium sized Hall and small meeting rooms, its left side leads to the Multi functions Hall and the front is the entrance to the Auditorium. There are two arc formed stairs leading the way to the gallery. The lounge and hosting halls for VIP are at the back of the conference section, connected with the large and small conference halls and stage respectively, having their own entrance, exit and car park. A high glass screen with lotus design stands facing the VIP entrance are perfectly matched with the sumptuous decoration.

The wall and floor are covered with high quality granite from Fujian, China; the ceiling is comprised of wooden lattice grid. It has also a large copper forged and gold coated mural sculpture-PEACEFUL CITY matched with pendant lamps. Nepalese wooden carvings, golden railings, scarlet carpets and transparent railing board a blend of Chinese traditional building style and Nepalese features. On the front wall of the first floor of the Entrance Hall a large silk made mural painting SCENE OF SNOW MOUNTAIN is inlaid and a long marble mural sculpture SUMMIT OF THE WORLD is on the northern wall of the communal. On the granite wall of the east side in the Multi functions Hall a Nepalese wooden sculpture LONG LIVE FRIENDSHIP stands. The snow white marble has been decorated on the outside wall of the main building and the rolling spray paint has been used for uneven surface. The roof of the main building is covered with Japanese light yellow colored glaze tiles.

supporting facilities

ICC has a full frame of supporting facilities that include security, utilities, communication and others.

Fire alarm control system

ICC has implied all those sensitive equipments related to fire control system within the entire building. Accordingly photoelectric smoke detectors, manual call points, hydrant lines, water sprinklers are installed and fire extinguishers are well placed and it is also equipped with fire rolling shutters, emergency announcement system and well trained technicians. The system is divided into four fire fighting sections comprising the entrance hall section, the auditorium section, the multi function hall section and medium and small conference halls section. Each of the section is separated from the others by the fire resistance gates, metallic resistance rolling doors and fire resistance walls.


The electricity and lighting of ICC are supplied by two city power transmission lines of which one is independently supplied from power Sub-Station, Minbhawan and the other is the standby line supplied from power Sub-Station, Thapathali. When both lines are out of power supply, the standby 256 KW diesel-generator will supply the electricity for fire fighting, communication, safe guard and lighting for halls. There are two sets of dry type 1000 KVA transformer.

The total power capacity of ICC is 1144 KW. The lightening system utilizes the steel bars in outer columns and the steel bars inside the foundation as connection to the ground. It has lightening arresters in the top of the water tower and lightening net around the water tower. The sub station has its own lightening protecting system.

The Entrance Hall and the VIP chamber are equipped with luxury lamps. The lounge, the multi function Hall and corridors are decorated with artistic lamps and ordinary lamps are installed in office section. The front side of the main building is equipped with adjustable lighting equipment; all the electrical system has proper earthing system for electricity leakage protection.

Central air conditioning system

There are two distinct central air conditioning systems in ICC for summer and winter seasons. There are four chiller plants each with 580 KW chilling capacity for summer seasons and two boiler plants each with 2 tons/hour steam generating capacity for heating in winter season. The chiller plants are intended for only air cooling purpose whereas boiler plant are for air heating as well as tap water heating too. These plants are quite sufficient for air conditioning the entire building.

Except the public offices, communal, pantry, toilets and store rooms, all the other halls and rooms are equipped with warm air supply originated from hot water with a temperature between 50-60 centigrade which is generated by two fuel boilers with an evaporating capacity of 2 T/H and 1 Mpa or pressure as the source of the heating system. The underground fuel storage (2 × 15 cu.m horizontal fuel tanks) is enough for five days consumption of the boilers. The supply of hot water circulation for daily use is 65 C. The air conditioning and heating systems are all of power control. There are sound proofing doors, double-layered window glass and silencers for the air conditioning and freezing equipment rooms to prevent the noise coming out.

EPABX System

ICC is equipped with a 300 lines capacity of Nepal Telecom cabinet by which it can provide telephones as per the requirement. Lines are switched in EPABX which have the functions of trunk priority, toll ticketing digital exchange, night service, hot line service; follow me and three party conferences. The system has a capacity of 512 lines.

Sound System

One background music emergency broadcasting system is also installed inside ICC. This system has three functions; sending out background music at normal time, public address and emergent announcement, e.g. fire, whenever necessary.

Water and sanitation

ICC has one hundred thousand liters capacity reservoir tank and 50 thousand liters capacity overhead tank from where purified treated drinking water is supplied throughout the entire ICC complex.

Twenty high-class lavatories and toilets are set up and four of them are luxury ones in VIP chamber.


A pantry is equipped with all the necessary that gadgets like coffee maker, refrigerators, micro ovens, steel tables, trolleys, sterilizers and wash basins etc. So, it is very useful for all types of banquets.

Other attractions

In the front of the main building there is a fountain whose dimension is 24m in diameter in which there are 19 submersible pumps and 282 colored lamps installed under the water. It can spot out 10 m high 4 different water patterns. In the front of the fountain 81 flagpoles are erected each of which are 15 m high and in the center stand the national flagpole of Nepal Government - the host country. The two sides of the front of the main building are spacious and look delightful with green garden.

There is garden inside the main building decorated with rocks, flower frame, landscape wall, pond, and etc. It is a nice place for relaxing or holding press conference. The VIP Chamber is comprised of 5 rooms for the leaders to take a rest. These rooms are equipped with luxurious sanitary facilities. The rooms are decorated with anti-fire treated silk and woolen wall fabrics, wooden carvings, double layered floor carpets of which high quality woolen carpet is in surface, hotline telephones and single/double sofa. Several luxurious pendant lamps composed of 4000 strings of crystal glass are adorned in the reception hall.

There are changing and make up rooms for gents and ladies and rest rooms for chairmen, secretary and medical representatives. Further, TV and radio transmission rooms are also available.