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International Convention Center - New Baneshwor, Nepal : A symbol of friendship between Nepalese and Chinese people.
Government of Nepal
Ministry of Urban Development

International Convention Center Development Committee


ICC is a large complex with multi-facilities for events. Established under gratis by the People’s Republic of China, the complex is characterized as solid structure, luxurious decoration, and multi functional modern facilities with a unique blend of Nepalese, Chinese and modern architecture. It was formally inaugurated in 1993.

Management and operation
The legal status of ICC consists of a government agency created under Development Boards Act, 2013 (BS)

ICC is governed by a nine member Board including a chairman and the member secretary with high official.

The day to day management of the ICC is run under the leadership of the Executive Director. The organization beneath him is structured into internal management, marketing and operations divisions. The internal management division looks after administration, accounts and personnel affairs. The marketing division is entrusted with market promotion and service outreach. The operations division takes care of availing and maintaining of the facilities upfront and backstopping arrangements. It mobilizes such services as security on demand on contractual basis.